How to write a new paper

A form of a white paper, a product paper focuses on only one particular product offered by a company. Companies often use white papers to advertise a new product or an upgrade to an existing product.

However, your product paper should not read like an advertisement. Instead, make it read like an informational sheet How can the answer be improved? After students have compiled their research, discuss the difference between a news story and a feature story. Then, show them how to create a basic outline that will help A professionally written news article is made up of a number of parts. Learn how to write a newspaper article from the headline to the final sentence.

If you are going to write a news story, then you will need some tips for writing in a newspaper. By the time you finish this article, you will be able to write a clear, easytoread, and informational story.

Tips for Good Newspaper Writing The front page of a paper (online and in print) offers the biggest news stories of the day and there youll find straight, hard news. It might be local, it might be international. Then hit the features section of the paper.

Learning how to write a newspaper article can be a rewarding experience because you are sharing information with a potential audience of thousands or more.

If your articles are good enough, you may even be able to make a living as a reporter. Newspaper Reporter Notes Use this worksheet to take notes as your first step in writing a newspaper article. Newspaper Reporter Notes# 2 Use this worksheet to take notes as your first step in writing a newspaper article (with space for a picture and caption).

Journalism is a fast paced industry, requiring reporters to get the facts about newsworthy events and to write about them before a deadline strikes. It takes a certain amount of skill to be able to do this. Despite the pace, news reporters must adhere to high standards, and should have a firm understanding of news Literacy Preparation Week November 2009 Student Edition Learning About Writing a News Report Created by: Dale Simnett and Darren Reed Formatted by R Fracchioni