Gstreamer pause resume

Sep 12, 2012 Hello! I work with iMX53 Quick Start Board, I buld imxlibrary and GStreamer via LTIB and I try encode video from USBcamera. I have read Linux void pause() void resume() And here is the play() function where I create the pipeline and set it state to GSTSTATEPLAYING. I am using qtgstreamer 1. 2 with gstreamer on nVidia TX1 running Ubuntu 14. 04. I am having a pipeline with camera preview recording Ethernet Streaming Wifi Streaming and i want to make pipeline dynamic. ex i can addremove recordingStreaming on running pipeline.

If I record a video and say pause the video at 10 seconds, resume the video at 20 seconds and stop the video at 30 seconds. When playing back all is ok until 10 seconds, then the frame freezes until 20 seconds, at which point the Hello, I'm trying to pause and resume the dumptofile of an rtsp stream. The following pipeline works well if I toggle the property" drop" of the element" valve" : rtspsrc!

rtph264depay! valve! mpegtsmux! filesink I can dump (dropfalse), pause (droptrue), dump again (dropfalse). Before the GstTask can be run, it needs a GRecMutex that can be set with gsttasksetlock(). The task can be started, paused and stopped with gsttaskstart(), gsttaskpause() and gsttaskstop() respectively or Flumotion uses Twisted and GStreamer.

Twisted enables the highlevel functionality, distributing components over the network. GStreamer, through the Python bindings, enables the highspeed lowlevel functionality: actual media processing. As usual the GStreamer OpenGL integration library has seen numerous fixes and performance improvements all over the place, and is hopefully ready now to become API stable and be moved to gstpluginsbase during the 1. 14 release cycle.