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The Rainy Season begins in India when the South West Monsoon winds begin to blow over this country. The season is felt in the months of Asaadha and Shravana as per the Oriya calendar. But in fact it lasts in India from the Short Essay on Monsoon (Rainy Season) Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On May 26, 2015 By Omna Roy Introduction: The monsoon is Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Rainy Season Essay 6 (400 words) Rainy Season is one of the four main seasons of the India.

It falls every year after summer season especially in the month of July and ends in September. Clouds in the sky rains, when mansoon occurs. Of all the seasons in India, rainy season is awaited the most. India is a hot country and rain is thus very beautiful and pleasant. The temperature during summers crosses 45 degrees thus making the lands hot and parched and the ponds and tanks dry.

Mar 07, 2018 Short Essay on Winter Season in India in English. In India, winter season starts in the month of October and ends in February. December and January are the coldest months in this season.

Afer monsoon temperatures start dropping. North India see a big change in temperature than southern India. BEAUTY OF THIS SEASON. Rainy Season is the most beautiful season. Monsoon turns the entire dry land into beautiful green coloured picturesque landscape. India is a land of great scenic beauty, Lush green forest, beautiful valleys and amazing waterfalls. Rainy Season English Essay My Favourite Season Monsoon Essay For Kids Subject Write an English essay on Rainy Season Monsoon in your words.

Complexity Medium GradeClass 3rd to 10th standard Number of words 350 words Age group 8 15 years I like the rainy season most. The four seasons of India are Summer Season, Winter Season, Rainy Season and Spring Season. Our country faces different phases of climate changes during each season.

The Sunny Summer Season tests our patience with the beating heat. Note: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has also specified four seasons in India, viz, summer, rainy, autumn, and winter (source: wikipedia). However, astronomical and other traditions of India divides the twelve calendar month into six seasons, viz, summer, rainy, early autumn, late autumn, winter, and spring. In India, there are different types of seasons in India round the year.

The first season started at the beginning of a year is Rainy season india essay, rainy season, early autumn, late autumn, and the last season of the year is winter and spring season.