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Essay on Our College Canteen Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. English essay on our School Canteen for students& children: essay on our School Canteen. Essay on our School Canteen for 5, 6, 7th, 8th, 9th grade students Free sample essay on Our SchoolCollege Canteen (Free to read). Our schoolcollege canteen is perhaps the busiest place in the schoolcollege.

It is the place where almost every student is expected to pay at least one or two visits a day, and that not just to have a taste of some delicacies, but also to [ Jul 02, 2012 A school canteen is an essential part of every school. It is an interesting place. The students encourage this shop. Groups of school boys may be seen hanging about it. Mr. Jalil is incharge of our school canteen. Here is your short paragraph on my school Essay about our school canteen Every school has a canteen and it makes it easy for students to get food from these canteens.

Advertisements: On a busy day when mothers dont get time to pack lunchboxes or snack boxes, these canteens are really handy and a lifesaver. Our school also has [ But in our observation it seems that more students are not patronizing the canteen because of the not enough food to serve to the students, space to name a few.

We will write a custom essay sample on School canteen specifically for you for only Current Trend to Teaching Nutrition in Elementary School; Not Satisfied with School If you look at an average school canteen, there is no respect for the weight of the child or no help for providing the healthier option; it is all about making the dollar or two to fund a business.

This essay will contain points like problems of canteens, ways of making the canteen healthier and the worst offenders to canteen obesity.

English Essay on" The School Canteen" A canteen is an essential part of all good establishments. Every school that minds to keep its students away from the stale eatables kept in open and infested with dust, dirt and flies, arranges for More Essay Examples on Nutrition Rubric. Children in primary and secondary school generally have access to the school canteen on a daily basis.

Its important that the canteen delivers the right nutritional message by providing a wide range of healthy food and drink options. The school canteen is one of the biggest and liveliest places of our school! There are enough tables and chairs for all the students of our school to