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University of New South Wales, Australia This paper discusses the use of a grid format in answering extended legal problems as an alternative to the traditional essay format answer.

The paper discusses the advantages of such an approach, including: An academic essay should answer a question or task. It should have a thesis statement (answer to the question) and an argument. It should try to present or discuss something: develop a thesis via a set of closely related points by reasoning and evidence.

Here you will find information to help you improve your academic writing and grammar. If you want help on an individual basis you can book a consultation with The Learning Centre, but you can also access a wide range of information to help you complete your uni assignments. The course includes analysis of a range of exemplars as well as essays from academic journals researched by students and related to their disciplinary interests.

This study will be accompanied by writing exercises, writing Writing an essay [email protected] edu. au 9385 5584 3 Describe Outline the main features of a phenomenon. Illustrate Give examples. Summarise Outline the main points of theory or event. What is the structure of an essay? Unlike reports, essays are not broken up into distinct sections with specific functions. The traditional essay has no subheadings at all. UNSW Academic Integrity& Plagiarism URL Use these questions to practise your writing skills both in essays and also online in the Discussion Board with your classmates!

These questions may be interesting for General English students as well. If you are intending to study at university in Australia, this will be a necessary skill UNSW resources. The Learning Centre has developed a range of online academic skills resources to assist students to develop and hone the wide variety of the academic and communication skills required for successful study.

We encourage UNSW colleagues to link to relevant resources in their Moodle courses. All UNSW Arts& Social Sciences students are required to follow UNSW Academic Policies and UNSW Arts& Social Sciences Guidelines and Protocols while they are enrolled in their program. Details on UNSW Academic Policies are available at UNSW Policies, Procedures and Guidelines. The essay should read as ONE organised discussion, not a mix of unrelated information.

Make sure each sentence in the paragraphs has a role in the discussion and contributes to the overall argument and topic you are addressing.

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