Literature review paper on childhood obesity

Keywords used in the search included obesity, childhood, health, relevant national statistics, policy and health risks. The literature was conned to the past 10 years with emphasis on the past 5 years. Obesity has become a huge problem within the Western World over recent years. (34 of the adult population in the US in 2007 (Barness (1986: 75)). It is known from the general media that the incidences of childhood obesity are also on the increase. This review aims to evaluate the ideas and concepts from two Journals.

Free Essay: Literature Review on Childhood Obesity By: Obesity is a growing problem among U. S. children. In 1994, one in five children between the ages of 6 Childhood Obesity Literature Review Essay Appendix 2 Literature Review Childhood Obesity Obesity Background All of the literature refers to similar statistics regarding obesity.

The list below gives some examples of the data available from the different sources. Obesity has more than doubled between 1990 and 2000 in Britain. Critical essay horror movies short research papers zip code. Essay over the raven foreign tv channels are destroying our culture essays vigilance awareness week essay writing?

abstracts for a research paper difference between stereotype prejudice and racism essay freud the interpretation of dreams essay hester prynne isolation essay essay Free College Essay Literature Review on Childhood Obesity. Literature Review on Childhood Obesity By: Obesity is a growing problem among U. S. children. In Childhood Obesity: A Review of Literature. Hiram Bautista University of Texas at El Paso Abstract United States is known for having the largest obesity rates all Literature Review Childhood Obesity 5, 043 views.

Share; Like; Download Jean Galiana. Follow Published on Dec 12 This paper reviews the recent literature and describes the repercussions of the prevalence of childhood obesity in the U. S. In addition, this paper identifies and explores the main focus of interventions for childhood obesity twice the risk for obesity as nonHispanic white youth (CDC, n. d. a). Later in life, these children will face increased risk for diabetes, cancer, and heart disease (CDC, n.

d. b). But during their childhood, they are already susceptible to a poorer quality of life marked by illness, low energy, and low self esteem. Results and review of papers. The literature search identified 832 papers. Six papers met the inclusion criteria (Fig. 1). Excluded papers after full review and reasons for rejection are available from the author.