Ethics case against congresswoman to resume

WASHINGTON The former spokesman for Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers who allegedly filed an ethics complaint against her last year broke his silence Monday, alleging the Spokane Republican retaliated against him and claiming her staff may have lied to investigators.

In a fourpage email sent to The Seattle Times and other media Jun 07, 2012 House Ethics Committee leaders said they would move ahead with a longdelayed inquiry into allegations of impropriety by Representative Maxine Waters. The House Ethics Committee put its case against California Congresswoman Maxine Waters back on track Wednesday after finding that The ethics case against Maxine Waters Congresswoman Maxine Waters asked the House Ethics Committee when it will resume its investigation of Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters of Los Sep 11, 2013 While deciding to pursue the Bachmann case further, the Ethics Committee leaves the fourterm congresswoman somewhat in an ethical limbo: The committee chose not to dismiss the case against her Sep 22, 2012  Maxine Waters Ethics Case Will Resume JUNE 6, 2012.

Ethics Charges Are Outlined Against Maxine Waters AUG. 9, 2010. TIMES TOPIC Maxine Waters. Opinion Editorial Congresss Mar 25, 2013 An attorney for Bachmann's campaign on Monday denied any wrongdoing on her part. But the inquiry by the independent Office of Congressional Ethics adds to a mounting list of legal problems TALLAHASSEE The Florida Commission on Ethics says former public defender Matt Shirk should face a penalty larger than the 2, 500 he agreed to in talks to settle a complaint against him.

The Rangel case is scheduled to resume moving forward in September. In its statement today, the ethics committee gave no indication whether the Waters case would proceed at the same time, or Waters came under investigation for ethics violations and was accused