Holderness coast geography coursework

4 WWW. OCR. ORG. UK GCSE GEOGRAPHY B EEMPLAR C ANIATE WORK Why is there a need to protect the coast at Mudeford Spit (Hengistbury)? Introduction To investigate this question we travelled to Weymouth (see Apr 23, 2013  Holderness Coast GCSE Geography Case Study robnwcc. Loading Unsubscribe from robnwcc? Geography The Earth& Tectonic Plates: Geography Exam Tips 2 Geo Factsheet 3 Coastal Management An Update: Case Study of The Holderness Coast, Yorkshire Coastal management What are the options?

Geology Defending the coast Find out more. The Holderness Coastline is in the North of England and runs between the Humber Estuary in the south and a headland at Flamborough head. In Geography there are broadly two kinds of aims: High energy coast.

Cliff erosion on Holderness by Bryan Ledgard CC BY. A Level Geography Fieldwork. Half of all A level geography students visit our centres. CPD Courses for Teachers. View our CPD courses for teachers. The Holderness Coast is a great case study to use when examining coastal processes and the features associated with them. The area contains 'text book' examples of coastal erosion and deposition. The exposed chalk of Flamborough provides examples of erosion, features such as caves, arches and stacks.

Holderness is a lowland region of England that lies between the chalk hills of the Wolds and the North Sea. It is part of the East Riding of Yorkshire. The Holderness Coast is one of Europe's fastest eroding coastlines. September 2016 Dear Parent Guardian Year 11 Geography GCSE Fieldwork to the Holderness Coast Thursday 22nd September 2016 On Thursday 22nd September our Year 11 Geographers will be undertaking fieldwork on the Holderness Coast.

More than 250 million visits are made to the UKs coast per year with seaside tourism valued at 17 billion. UK National Ecosystem Assessment 2014. Coastal management can be put into the four categories: A Level Geography Fieldwork. Half of all A level geography students visit our centres. CPD Courses for Teachers. The Holderness coast is in the north east of England. This is one of the most vulnerable coastlines in the world and it retreats at a rate of one to two metres every year.

The problem is caused by: Strong prevailing winds creating longshore drift