Resume dates of employment present

For many job seekers, it makes sense to list information in reversechronological order based on dates, placing the newest information first and the oldest last. Employers value recent skills, and employees seeking to advance their careers are looking for a job that builds upon their progressive experience.

Now that you have dates for every job (and only every job), make sure the dates are written the way a computer wants to read them. Avoid extra material in date ranges.

For example, avoid summer, winter, and so on. Express the ranges in terms of months and years, preferably in numbers (such as ). Dates of Employment. When adding your dates of employment, it's fine to list only the year.

If currently employed, state the ending date as" Present. " Listing the current year as the end date leads to confusion regarding your employment status. Dates of employment should be on the same line as the company name, but on the right side Highlight the names of the companies followed by the dates of employment, and then job titles held in each organization. After each job title, detail the responsibilities of the position and your accomplishments on the job. Yes, yes, yes!

I regularly review resumes within an HR team, and its unbelievable how hard we have to work at times to decipher someones resume. Ive seen future dated end dates, just a single year in place of a date range (ex: 2010), jobs listed out of chronological order, etc. How do I list on my resume a job if I am currently still working there? For example, I have it listed as 2007 2008.

Should I just write 2007 present. How Do I List My Current Dates of Employment? by Nina (Baldwin, New York) How do I list on my resume a job if I am currently still working there? How Do I List My Current Dates of If your resume shows, and then 2001 to present, the first thing I think is, Did they leave in January 2001 and start the other job the following December? It might be wrong to think like that, but its a fact of life that gatekeepers do.