Francis fukuyama end history thesis

Jan 12, 1992 Complete summary of Francis Fukuyama's The End of History and the Last Man. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The End of History and the Last Man. Francis Fukuyama's influential essay 'The End of History?

' announced the triumph of liberal democracy and the arrival of a postideological world. In order to keep his endofhistory thesis Yoshihiro Francis Fukuyama (born October 27, 1952) is an American political scientist, political economist, and author.

Fukuyama is known for his book The End of History and the Last Man (1992), which argued that the worldwide spread of liberal democracies and free market capitalism of the West and its lifestyle may signal the end point of The End of History, published in the international affairs journal The National Interest.

In the book, Fukuyama argues the controversial thesis that the end of the Cold War signals the end of the progression of human history. Fukuyama's basic argument is divided into two parts. The first is an empirical argument. In 1992, Francis Fukuyama, a secondgeneration JapaneseAmerican historian and philosopher, published the precocious, controversial treatise" The End of History, " which held that the ageold struggle over political ideologies had ended and that liberal democracy was the victor.

In the course of the original debate over the National Interest article, many people assumed that the possibility of the end of history revolved around the question of whether there were viable alternatives to liberal democracy visible in the world today. There was a great deal of controversy over such questions as whether communism was truly dead, What we may be witnessing is not just the end of the Cold War, or the passing of a particular period of postwar history, but the end of history as such: that is, the end point of mankind's ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government.

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