Raag desh gcse essay

Purpose and Tradition Each raga is meant for a specific time of day during a specific season. Our set work Rag Desh is meant to be played at night during the monsoon (rainy) season. Its meant to Raag desh gcse essay a feeling Comment on how the following elements are used in this performance of Rag Desh: Structure; Melody; Rhythm; Dynamics; Instrumentation; The structure of 'Mhara janam maran' is split into two main sections these are the alap and bhajan.

Rag Desh Comparison Table Version 1Anoushkha Shankar Version 2Mhara janam maran Version 3Wertheimer& Gorn Structure There are 3 movements, Alap, Gat 1 and Gat 2.

There are 6 sections where changes May 09, 2012 2) Rag Desh Chiranji Lal Tanwar (2004) 3) Rag Desh Steve Gorn and Benjy Wertheimer (2004) All of these versions are different e. g. they all use different instruments and have a different structure. Apr 02, 2012  Very basic facts on 'Rag Desh' by Anoushka Shankar From 'Live At Carnegie Hall' Set Work 11 (Version 1) for GCSE Music Edexcel From Area Of Study 4 GCSE Music Bernstein by rishika What is GotoQuiz?

A better kind of quiz site: no popups, no registration requirements, just highquality quizzes that you can create and share on your social network. Mar 06, 2013 Information from the Edexcel Music GCSE text book, combined with excerpts from three performances of Rag Desh Elements of a Raga (improvised music in several contrasting sections, based on a series of notes from a particular rag) The three most common elements or strands in Indian classical raga music are: The Melody made up (improvised) from notes of a