Boeing to resume 787 flight testing

Boeing resumed airborne testing of its 787 Dreamliner, more than six weeks after an electrical fire and power failure forced it to suspend flight testing. The company didn't provide an updated timetable for the plane's first delivery. EVERETT, Wash.Dec. 23, 2010 PRNewswire Boeing (NYSE: BA) will resume flight test activities on the 787 Dreamliner later today. The company has installed an interim version of updated power distribution system software and conducted a rigorous set of reviews to confirm the flight readiness of The FAA may let Boeing resume flight testing of the 787 Dreamliner, shown here taking off from Boeing Field in Seattle in 2011, in an effort to determine just what caused two batteries to catch fire, grounding all 50 planes in service worldwide.

Boeing to Resume Limited 787 Flight Test Activites on ZA005 February 7, 2013 Boeing will soon resume limited 787 flight test activities with a BOEING said today it would resume flight tests of the 787 Dreamliner, after the fleet was grounded last month. The test flights will be conducted through a special airworthiness certificate, which will require a preflight inspection of the batteries and cables and continuous monitoring of the batteries during the flight.

Boeing has marshaled a team of experts who are" working around the clock" to resolve the 787 battery issues and return the fleet to service, Flight testing of the 787 was suspended last month after an inflight electrical incident on a test flight in Laredo, Texas. Certification tests required by aviation regulators will resume after flight tests, the company said. The first delivery of a 787, to Japans All Nippon Airways, is already nearly three years behind schedule. Flight track of Boeing Flight 4, the first 787 test flight in nearly 3 weeks.

(Image courtesy of FlightAware. com) (Image courtesy of FlightAware. com) On November 9, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner test flight was evacuated after landing in Laredo, Texas due to smoke detected in the cockpit.