Best excuse for not doing homework

Apr 18, 2007 im just using my mums computer and i need to know some good excuses for not doing my homework, im running out of them. please dont tell me to do it cos i sometimes do but hey im only 11 once i gotta have some fun before i get old like my mum and have real problems to deal with. If you're an educator, you've undboubtedly heard your fair share of excuses from students who don't have their assigned homework with them, which can range from plausible to hilariously absurd.

We've compiled some of the BEST homework excuses that educators in our Facebook community have heard during their time in the wacky world of teaching. Jul 30, 2018  The best approach is to try to do your work on time rather than be tempted by an excuse.

Dont attempt to make excuses too often. This way, when you actually need to use one, your teacher is more likely to accept it. This is why you need the best excuses for not doing homework. Top 10 Excuses for Not Doing Homework It can be tricky to come up with the best excuses for not doing homework because teachers have heard most of them already. Please excuse Jackie for not having her homework she was a little under the weatherman, and there was a big flurry in Central America.

I have a solar powered calculator and it was cloudy. It wasn't challenging enough. May 31, 2013 Good Excuses for Unfinished Homework. Updated on October 26, 2016. Jeannie InABottle. more.

OK, OK, I know this is a crazy one, but sometimes honesty is the best excuse you can use. Not only is it the moral way to go, it is usually the most effective as long as it is a good reason. Did you have a death in the family?

Excuses can range from the good old 'dog ate my homework' to an evergrowing list of illnesses concocted to buy more time to complete schoolwork.

But one little girl had the best excuse of all for not having finished her homework, one which even the sternest of teachers would be happy with. Feb 26, 2018 Edit Article How to Make Up a Good Excuse for Your Homework Not Being Finished. Four Parts: Choosing an Excuse Delivering the Excuse Considering the Consequences Moving Forward Community Q& A If you did not finish your homework, you may want to find an excuse to avoid being penalized. Best Excuses For Not Doing Your Homework From a teacher's perspective.

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