Pocket money essay writing

Paying children pocket money is a good step to teach them the value of money and help them understand about saving and spending. As we know, pocket money is often given to children at the age of six or seven, but they are not given money under that age because they are unaware of the value of money.

Writing sample of essay on a given topic" How I Spent My Pocket Money" How I spent my pocket money When it comes to youth, the most exciting bit is usually when parents give pocket money. Whichever amount it is, pocket money always provides one with the chance to enjoy the little tidbits that excite any youngster.

Essay topics: IELTS essay: the advantages and disadvantages of pocket money Submitted by essayking on Tue, 17: 15 With the development of our modern society, peoples living conditions become much more comfortable. Free Essay on My Pocket Money for Kids Pocket money is what parents give to their sons and daughters to spend. A child can spend his pocket money as he or she likes.

A child can spend his pocket money as he or she likes. I deposit the excess money in the passbook maintained in a bank. I spend the money in purchasing good books, dictionary and pen for my use.

I derive great pleasure out of my pocket money. The money gives me the opportunity of Now I would like to express my point of view on the problem of pocket money. Pocket money, in my opinion is very useful for teenagers. I think that pocket money helps children to learn how to plan their budget. Teenagers always want to spend their money on many things, but the amount of money is limited.

The advantages and disadvantages of pocket money. The principal of a school is one of our first encounters with a figure of authority. Consequently, he or she must be a good example of a leader. The principal must be firm, fair and foresighted which are important qualities of a principal.