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Alan Turing, born in England in 1912 (died 1954), was a mathematician and computer scientist (before that discipline was even recognised), and is considered to be one of the fathers of modern digital computing. Any number that can be written out by a Turing machine is computable, which explains why some irrational numbers such as pi are computable. One would assume that all real numbers are also computable numbers. A Biography of Alan Turing, with Mathematics.

From the middle name one may suspect a certain class value, although the" Math" bit is a strange coincidence. History Essay Example: Alan Turing. Posted on June 25, Along with a group of mathematicians and cryptanalysts, Turing created the Bombea codebreaking machine used to intercept coded messages from the Nazi forces.

chief research officer at Microsoft Research stated, Alan Turing is really one of the first people to ALAN TURING Alan Turing is a brilliant British mathematician and one of the leading best scientists in the 20th century. He is the Father Alan Mathison Turing was undoubtedly one of the greatest pioneers of our computer world. We can clearly label him the founder of what we know today as modern computer science, but beyond that, he was also a great mathematician, a codebreaker, philosopher, and certainly a risk Essay about Alan Turing.

Alan Turings IT achievements The Automatic Computing Engine (ACE) was an early electronic storedprogram computer design produced by Alan Turing at the invitation of John R. Womersley, superintendent of the Mathematics Division of the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). British mathematician Alan M. Turing wrote a number of papers on theoretical computer science. In one paper, written in 1936 before any programmable computer had ever been built, he described the logical structure any such machine would have to possess.