How to write newspaper graduation announcements

Whether youre thinking about creating DIY graduation announcements or modern graduation announcements, youll still need to decide just how you want to announce the news which can be the hardest part.

When sending an announcement to the local paper to celebrate the graduation of your son, daughter or grandchild, keep in mind that many people in town will be reading it and clipping a copy for their scrapbooks.

All newspaper graduation announcements need to answer the basic questions of who, what, when and where. If you answer all the basic questions in the graduation ad, the newspaper should be able to take it from there.

Several people send college graduation announcements to their local newspapers. These announcements should read like a newspaper story, and can include more information than personal announcements: John Smith earned a bachelor of arts degree in business administration from State University during their May 2009 Commencement exercises. Dec 05, 2012 Best Answer: The notion of someone" announcing" events isn't used much anymore, except possibly in wedding announcements.

So don't worry about who's doing the annoucing. In fact, when sending the information to the newspaper, the person doing the annoucing is you. Quick Answer.

Writing a graduation announcement requires writing a thoughtful, short paragraph that states the name of the young graduate, the parents of the graduate, the high school or college where the graduation ceremony is taking place, the time of the graduation ceremony and an invitation for the guests to attend the ceremony itself or the graduation