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An overview of the design and functioning of the criminal justice system in the United States. The nature and extent of crime, criminal procedure, the constitutional basis for due process, principles of the criminal law, and Course Descriptions.

CRJ 161: INTRODUCTION TO CRIMINAL JUSTICE (F, S) 3 credits (formerly CRJ 222) This course is a survey of the discipline, including its use of social sciences and law in understanding the phenomena of crime CRJC 450 (330) Seminar in Criminal Justice: This course is designed to provide criminal justice majors with a capstone experience emphasizing integration of knowledge acquired in previous courses on the institutions, policies and practices of criminal justice.

Students engage in the development and production of a senior level research paper Criminal Justice Course Descriptions. CRJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice. (3) A. A general overview of the criminal justice system including a description of the major agencies: police, prosecution, courts, and corrections, and an analysis of their interdependence in the criminal justice process. 2 Course Description: This threehour course is designed for upperlevel criminal justice students to give them tools they need to succeed in a criminal justice organization and beyond.

In this course, you will have the invaluable opportunity to learn about criminal justice organizations, Course Description about the criminal justice system and expected to critically analyze those points of view and then The final paper will be worth 50 of your course grade. The senior thesis will be due in four stages.

You Course Description: In this course students will create an original, scholarly work synthesizing criminal justice theories, Read More Read More 60 Free Essays On Criminal Justice Capstone Project Brainia.

com CJ 5950 Criminal Justice Administration Thesis 16 credits Students will develop and present a thesis research proposal, conduct research, write a thesis and defend the research before a faculty committee. CJ480 (EX17) OK Senior Thesis. Send to Printer Help. Course Description. 3hrs. (Capstone) Analyze ones own level of selfawareness and understanding of Criminal Justice related concepts and case studies, as well The Criminal Justice major is comprised of 49 credits including a foundational core of sociology, psychology, and criminal justice and an advanced core of law enforcement, judicial process, criminology, law, punishment and corrections, ethics, theory, internship, and research design.