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[1 Introduction to Legal Citation Legal citation is the method by which lawyers, law students, professors, and judges refer to the sources, Constitution. The 1937 Constitution, containing 50 articles, is the cornerstone of the Irish legal system. It lays down the rules that govern interactions between organs of the state and between the state and the individual.

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Whenever you refer to either the work or ideas of someone, or are influenced by another's work, you must acknowledge this.

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Administrative Law Essays 245 There are numerous sources of law, including constitutions, legislatures, executives, judiciaries, administrative agencies, and international organizations.

5. 1 Constitutions The United States is governed by the US Constitution, which was ratified in 1789. Antitrust Law Case Study.

The essay gives a brief analysis and review of a case in which the government of the United States led to the U. S. Supreme Court. Did you know. Citations, sources and references (2012) 37(1) Alternative Law Journal, 51, by Monash Law lecturers, Becky Batagol and Melissa Castan. The Law Faculty views plagiarism and undisclosed collusion seriously, partly on academic grounds and partly because of the possible impact of academic misdemeanors on legal practice.