A2 music coursework

I conducted this survey in college at lunchtime. I asked 100 students the following: 1) Did you enjoy the video? 93 Yes 7 No 2) Do you think the video reflects an RnB song? We started this course by looking into different music genres we could study and then potentially make a music video from the genre. We had to settle on metal core genre because one member in the group knew a band that could let use their music for free.

Get the help and resources you need for A2 Music Technology coursework and exam 2017 18. Unit 3 Portfolio 2. Task 3A, Task 3B, Task 3C, The Logbook, Unit 4 Overall all of the individuals enjoyed our music video and believe it was aesthetically pleasing to watch, and they all mentioned how they could see it as professional music video of todays age.

May 22, 2018 A2 Music Technology coursework 2018 Task 3A Brick England Vocals by: Jenny Morgan Produced by: Leeroy Magaramiri Questionnaire and Pie Chart We used the research into the metalcore lifestyle to do a questionnaire to see what the A2 music coursework audience would want to see in our own music video. Below is a unanswered and answered questionnaire.

Apr 30, 2012 By Elliott Hawe& Harry Richards @harryrichards @ElliottKayDJ ActorActress Harry Richards& Amy Brown ' @AmyRoseBrown ' Music Video For Joanna Newsom We are writing to you to ask permission for us to use your music for our A Level Media Studies Coursework, where we have been given the task of producing a music video for a local bandunsigned artist.