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What do Lenin's theory of imperialism and Hilferding's have in common and in what ways do they diverge? J. A. Hobson's theories of imperialism hav Moreover, Lenin ideologically disagreed with Hobsons opinion that capitalism, as an economic system, could be separated from imperialism; instead, he proposed that, because of the economic competitions that had provoked the First World War, capitalism had come to its end as a functional socioeconomic system, and that it would be Some scholars, like Eckstein and Fieldhouse have argued that Hobson and Lenins accounts of Imperialism are so similar that they form a shared Hobson Lenin thesis.

1 However, other scholars, like Stokes and Etherington, argue that the differences between Hobson and Lenin are so deep that the idea of a shared thesis ought be rejected ECKSTEIN, A.

M. (1991), Is there a HobsonLenin ison late nineteenthcentury colonial expansion?. The Economic History Review, 44:. doi: On the topic of this paper I have learned much from the graduate students in my seminar Empires and Download Citation on ResearchGate Is There a 'HobsonLenin Thesis' on Late NineteenthCentury Colonial Expansion?

The idea that there is a 'HobsonLenin thesis' that emphasizes investment Finance capital, markets, and the Scramble: the HobsonLenin thesis analyzed By Conor Reid 1 The Scramble for Africa, by most measures the largest land grab in the shortest stretch of time, was a wildly complex process of partitioning Africa with dozens of explanatory causes.

An oft repeated claim Both Hobson and Lenin agree that Imperialist expansion leads to international monopolisation. 256 17 Lenin. 90 18 Eckstein. 16 Lenin claims that this is the highest stage of capitalism. Imperialism originates from Is There a 'HobsonLenin Thesis' on Late NineteenthCentury Colonial Expansion?

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