List of things needed for a resume

Employers need to know what you've done to contribute to the growth of your department, team, and company to determine whether your strengths align with the needs and responsibilities of their company and the job opening, Nicolai says. Under each job title and description, include the most important, impressive, and relevant achievements.

5. Five Things You Must Include on Your Resume By Laura Larimer, Abshier House Every job hunter knows that a resume should show employment history, but to be truly successful in your job search, make sure you also Positions Irrelevant to Your Current Job Goals: Unless you need it to fill a gap on your resume or showcase your skills, theres no law that says you have to include your six months at Burger Shack on your resume. Career Help Library The Benefits of Using a Resume Checklist.

Section Order You will need to think about the order in which you would like your information to be presented. However, some select personal highlights make for valuable resume items. Again, the purpose of a resume is to honestly highlight your best qualifications in a concise, yet thorough, manner.

Maintaining brevity and pertinence in the information you choose to include should guide your selection of appropriate resume items.