Silicon and germanium diode comparison essay

Silicon vs Germanium Silicon and germanium, are both in the same group (group 14) of the periodic table. Hence, they have four electrons in the outer energy level. They occur in two oxidation states, 2 and 4. Silicon and germanium share similar physical and chemical characteristics, since both are metalloids.

Silicon Silicon is the Essay about Silicon Diode conducting germanium Voltage Drop silicon diode. 7V germanium diode. 3V Bulk Resistance rB EI A digital multimeter won't measure the resistance on a diode due to insufficient voltage. The diode check function of a digital multimeter reads the knee voltage. Why is silicon preferred over germanium in preparing diode?

Update Cancel. Why is silicon preferred over germanium? The reverse current in silicon diodes is much lesser in comparison to the germanium diodes thus enhancing the accuracy of reverse bias falldown. 2. The reverse breakdown is achieved in germanium diodes much COMPARISON of Silicon and Germanium Solid state electronics arises from the unique properties of silicon and germanium, each of which has four valence electrons and which form crystal lattices in which substituted atoms (dopants) can dramatically change the electrical properties.

DIY Electrical Electronics Projects. Home; Objective Questions; Power Electronics; Electronics; The following table gives us the comparison of Silicon diode vs Germanium diode. Here the fist four points are advantages Silicon and germanium diode comparison essay Silicon (Si) based diode over Germanium (Ge) based diode.

The last point is the disadvantage of the silicon diode. Tunnel Diode Essay III. 8. THE TUNNEL DIODE 1. Theory Elemental semiconductors are simpleelement semiconductor materials such as silicon or germanium. Silicon is the most common semiconductor material used today. It is used for diodes, transistors, integrated circuits, Silicon and germanium are chemical metalloids that are used in the production of semiconductors such as diodes and transistors.

While these two elements are remarkably similar, there is one chief difference between them. The other differences between the diode and LED are shown below in the comparison chart. The diode is made of silicon or germanium, therefore, it gives energy in the form of heat. And the LED is made by gallium arsenide and gallium phosphide thus gives energy in the form of light.