Patient care in radiography essay

Digital radiography is a field that is marked by constant technological advances and innovations where different radiological Patient care in radiography essay is developed to address the digital imaging needs of various health care facilities and their patients Patients beliefs, ethical issues and confidentiality need to be taken into account when planning patient care, as care needs to be tailored for each individual person who uses hospital services.

In this investigation all the issues mentioned will be addressed and a care plan will be made for this patient. Mandatory training for physician assistants on understanding radiology exams will enhance communication between P. As and technologists, clarify communication between P.

As and patients, and eliminate unnecessary radiation exposure by ordering radiology exams appropriately. The professional work and responsibilities encompass, notably two areas; technology and patient care that envelope all fields in medical imaging which include diagnostic, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and sonography.

The patientcentered care model is a holistic approach in which the patient is at the center of the process, allowing them to be treated with compassion from the moment they register for the exam to the time they meet the clinician, have the procedure, hear the results, and receive follow up.

Care of a Group of Patients Care of a Group Bluegrass Community and Technical College Critical Criteria# 1: Assessment and Prioritizing Patient Care Client# 1 is a 71 year old female who was hospitalized on with an admitting diagnosis of hyperglycemia, weakness and dehydration. The role of the radiographer within patient care has evolved dramatically. Radiographers are trained and expected by healthcare systems to provide quality patient care.

Radiographers deal with patients of all ages, from the very young patients to the elderly patients as well as patients with special needs such as visual or hearing impairment. Finally, I have found a health field that I am passionate about because it offers so much growth and versatility in patient care. Now that I have matured, I am more adamant to pursue a career in radiography.

A Career as a Radiology Techniologist Radiology Technologist have been around for almost a century. Radiology Technologist works in various places taking diagnostic imaging examinations for patients, which are xrays, magnetic resonance imaging, and mammography.

(eHow) This job is one of the few in the world that can give the risk of Learn patient care in radiography with free interactive flashcards. Choose from 500 different sets of patient care in radiography flashcards on Quizlet.