How to write in greggs shorthand

Write the consonants that are used in Gregg shorthand that are in a shorthand book or website. Underneath the letters you may want to write the consonant that each letter stands for. Study these consonants as they are more numerous than the number of vowels and will help with learning the basics of writing in shorthand. Shorthand is written by sound; thus aim is written am (long sound of a), cat is written kat, knee is written ne.

Since we are learning shorthand to save time in writing, it is necessary to ignore those letters that aren't pronounced. Gregg is no different. And the Gregg versions are at least more systematic, so they accrue quickly. But the brief form is more than a simple abbreviation, its the distillation of the basic premise of shorthand: Never write more than is necessary to understand it later. Jun 28, 2018  Use the proper punctuation marks in Gregg shorthand. Punctuation marks like a period, a question mark, and a hyphen are represented by different symbols in Gregg shorthand.

The symbol for the punctuation mark should appear above the We write each other birthday cards, notes, news articles about shorthand, etc. Shorthand Writers of Maine meets once a month for lunch and meeting. I take a white board and markers and we begin with a brief formphrase quiz, theory lesson, crossword puzzlesjokesword search, and, of course, dictation of business letters.