Resume writing tips for registered nurses

Sample resume for entrylevel registered nurses (RN) To be considered for top nurse jobs, you need to use your clinicals, internships and school classes to build a powerful entrylevel resume. As a registered nurse, you can expect to make a median wage of 70, 000 per year, or 33. 65 per hour, according to the BLS. Resume Writing Tips Resume Tips for Nurses The US Department of Labor projects much fasterthanaverage job growth for nurses through 2018. That means as employers seek to recruit and retain talented nursing staff, nurses will enjoy improved The following are some tips on how to accomplish this, while addressing common problems and unique situations.

Dont load your resume with industryspecific initials. Many different people will be reading your resume, some of whom are not nurses, and some who are nurses but do not work in your specialty.

Jun 07, 2017 Registered Nurse Resume Tips. Writing a resume is the first step you must take in obtaining a past time cashier position. You might think that your lack of experience will prevent you from getting the job, but you can use volunteering, school and other jobs to show employers the experience you have.

Registered Nurse jhu. edu (Note: This example depicts a lot of experience, jumping from job to job. ) John Hopkins School of Nursing John Hopkins also provides some very high quality nursing resume samples for RNs, NPs and other specializations. However, if you started a graduate degree program, never finished and do not plan on finishing, it is unnecessary to include on the resume. Lastly, Nurses do not need to include their High School Diploma on their resume.

The nursing profession requires completion of higher education and therefore, your higher degree trumps your diploma.