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The paper's strengths are its focus, clarity, and organization. This paper could have been a bit more ambitious as it doesn't do much more than explain the difference between act and rule utilitarianism and Smart's argument against rule utilitarianism. But what it Utilitarianism is an ethical theory that states that the best action is the one that maximizes utility.

In John Stuart Mill's essay" On Nature" Utilitarianism as a Public Philosophy. Cambridge University Press. What are some examples of utilitarianism ethics?

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Free Trial at A title: nothing fancy, no need to be cute, just a title A Sample Philosophy Paper annotated This contains all the required information. If your prof likes to grade anonymously, make sure not to include your name. Analysis Of A Thought Experiment Philosophy Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: The thought experiment that Bernard Williams mentioned in his work A Critique of Utilitarianism to establish that utilitarianism is an incoherent and unintelligible theory of morality and does not hold much ground, especially when it comes to