Cover letter for form i 130

I130 Cover Letter Sample. TOPICS: (I130 form and related documents together, etc. ) and the entire folder was secured using a binder clip. Husband wrote our case number receipt number on the folder tab. Everything went into You are not required to use a cover letter when filing Form I130, Petition for Alien Relative.

However, an I130 cover letter can be helpful if you have unusual circumstances or need to clarify the details of your petition. Sample Cover Letter for NVC. i130. To Whom It May Concern: Please find enclosed my Form I130 Petition for Alien Relative on behalf of my wife, (wifes name). Documents Similar To Sample Cover Letter for I130 Petition (CR1 Visa) I130 Petition for Alien Relative. Uploaded by. vishalbds. Completed and signed form I130. Money order for I130 filing fee.

Completed and signed form G325A and photograph (petitioner) Completed and signed form G325A and photograph (beneficiary) I130 Packet: Cover Letter Example The Meeting The Power of Asking for Help The Philosophical Reality of Moving to Morocco Our Marriage: US Jan 26, 2015 Hi All, What exactly should be be including in our cover letter for the I130? The instructions say, Cover Letter. Should include a description of what you are petitioning for (I130), a table of contents (list everything in the packet).

If you need additional room to explain your case, attach a Dec 17, 2008 Hello, Tying up loose ends, for about a week now So here are my cover letters for the I130 and the I485 (filed together) I decided to make 2 separate cover letters since i wouldn't want either form to end up separated without a cover letter.

LoveVisaLife is providing USCIS cover letter examples in word format for Form I129F Petition for Alien Fiance and Form I130 Petition for Alien Spouse.

Aug 04, 2014  I130 Question (SAMPLE COVER LETTER) posted in General immigration discussion: Hi guys. found this format somewhere and find it helpful.

i might gonna use this as my cover letter. let me know if I missed anything or should I add more, BTW, THIS IS FOR MY MOM: TODAYS DATE Apr 11, 2016 Concurrently Filing I485 and I130 Help (cover letter, DACA, etc) I got married last year and I've been gathering information and filling out papers for I485 and I130. As of now, I am part of DACA(deferred action for childhood arrivals) and I had some questions about that, too.